The police of Kiev has made the average portrait of the criminal

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The police of Kiev has summarized the work for 2016 and amounted to an average portrait of the criminal. About it 112.ua told in the press service of the Metropolitan police.

In Kiev in 2016, Metropolitan police officers have detained 5 thousand 830 people, who made 14 586 thousand crimes. After analyzing the personality of detainees, it was found that the crimes most often committed by people without work and education, as well as previously convicted.

Among the detainees, 2 thousand 144 people have never worked or studied. 2 thousand 875 people who have committed crimes in Kyiv in 2016, are unemployed. 1 thousand 860 detainees criminals previously convicted people who committed in the capital over the past year, 4 thousand 685 offences.

In 2016 in Kiev have committed crimes 526 women, 55 children aged 14-15 years, and 248 foreigners, of which 236 are citizens of the countries of the former USSR . Foreigners involved in Commission of the 723 crimes in Kiev.

When the police of Kiev stress that the problem remains the issue of detention of criminals. In 2016, the courts chose arrest as a preventive measure only for 30% arrested for burglary: of the 433 people who were detained by the police, were taken into custody 132. Of the 217 arrested for robbery – 95 (44%) from 725 robbers were arrested 221 people (30%).

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