The police stopped the party biathletes in Holmenkollen




Unknown pranksters indulged in fire alarms.

Norwegian police were forced to break up the party marking the end of the biathlon season in Holmenkollen, according to NRK.

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The celebration was stopped by the fire Department after the re alarm.

“Someone was wandering the corridors of the hotel and had fun. The fire alarm went off several times. In the end, the police came and canceled the event. Don’t know which competitor it was. It looks like tomfoolery,” said the Manager of communications of the arena Holmenkollen Emily Nordstar.

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Norwegian biathlete Emil Hegle Svendsen spoke about how the athletes perceived the abolition of the party:

“I’m sorry. The atmosphere was really good. The party just started after the presentation of various awards. Was not more than eleven in the evening . Turned out the light, turned off the music. This is not good. We, the Norwegians are holding a party for foreigners and it happens. All went home when the clock struck twelve. An awkward situation”, – said Svendsen.

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