The Pope decided to change the our father prayer

Pope Francis

The Pontiff believes the translation of the prayer our father provocative.

Pope Francis called for a change in the prayer our father, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the Pontiff, on the basis of translation of prayer in English and several other languages, you might think that “God chooses to enter us into temptation or not.”

“It’s a bad translation, because it makes an allusion to the fact that God causes temptation,” said the Pope.

Pope Francis recalled that France has changed the text of the prayer, which now reads “do not let us succumb to temptation”. In this translation of wine, temptation lies on the person, said the head of the Vatican.

According to the gospel, prayer our father gave to his disciples Jesus Christ in response to the request to teach them prayer. In the original language of the prayer is lost and the oldest surviving texts written in Greek Koine .

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Recall, November 26, Pope Francis prayed for the victims of the Holodomor in Ukraine.

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