The Prime Minister asked the mayors and heads of village councils assist in the reception of garbage from the city

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman asks the local government to respond to the request of the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovyi, if such are received, and temporarily take the Lviv waste at its municipal landfills.

“Now I want to ask the whole country: dear colleagues, rural and urban head, head yeah, if you happen to turn the head of Lviv Andrey Sadovy for help in a certain period of time with garbage removal from the city, I beg you, please, if you can to do help,” – said the Prime Minister at the selector meeting on preparation for winter on Monday.

At the same time Vladimir Groisman stressed that it is very important to get a response from the mayor of Lviv, during which time he can solve the problem systematically is to construct a landfill to accept garbage on one of the suggestions in the Lviv region 14 plots of land.

The Prime Minister added that he is ready to allocate 50 million UAH from the reserve Fund of the Cabinet on the arrangement of this polygon .

“We need to solve this problem, the city wants the power or not. Ask the city government, how much time they need to resolve this issue”, – said Vladimir Groisman to the leadership of the Lviv regional state administration (RSA)

As reported previously, Mr. orchard has accused the Central government, including the government, in creating barriers for garbage collection from the city, who lost their own site. According to the mayor, it comes to the intervention of law enforcement and personal threats to mayors and heads of village councils, who were willing to take Lviv garbage.

In particular, on Monday Mr. orchard on his page in the network Facebook announced about the adopted this the day of the decision of the Commission on emergency situations (es) of Lviv to appeal to the President and the Prime Minister with a request for the introduction in the regime of environmental emergency.

“All previous addresses – a total ignore and “hee-hee”. The height of cynicism is the police RAID and seizure of documents and all previous reports of the Commission of emergency situations. Meanwhile, in the city of 8,500 tons of non-MSW (that’s 850 trucks) that couldn’t be taken out. The situation is critical,” stated the mayor.

According to him, last Saturday, the police again detained and is trying to return to Lviv trucks with all the legal documents for the removal of solid waste from the city.

Mr. orchard also urged residents this week to pay particular attention to sorting, to be able in the first place to take out organic waste.

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