The PTA is in shock: in the suburbs in the bathroom at school first-graders has declined to oral sex

In the village of Forest Town (Odintsovo district) in the local gymnasium bad things happen. First graders are raped students of the 4th class, and the management of the institution is silent about the incident for fear of losing reputation.

Representatives of the parent Committee Lesnogorodskaya school in the suburbs rebelled and spoke about the child abuse.

According to the mother of Natalia, twins, students in the fourth grade, staged terror Junior high students. To date, their actions hurt two kids already, writes “life”.

“These children are left to themselves, mother Catherine E. constantly on the road, the boys are growing up without supervision, go to school with knives, and now began to clamp Junior toilet and forced to oral sex,” said the woman.

In the spring of last year a Junior fellow brothers forced to please them, and the second attack occurred on 7 February .

The victim was given to fight them off in the toilet, dunked his head in the toilet for it.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue”, Moscow fitness club a minor, a foreigner was raped by a grown man.

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