The registration of citizens received on the project of renovation of apartments can simplify

MOSCOW, December 7. /TASS/. The procedure of registration of citizens in the apartments received under the program of renovation of housing will be simplified. This was reported to journalists the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, who heads the working group in the lower house of Parliament to protect the rights and interests of the residents while implementing the renovation program.


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One of the most notable topics that were discussed during last Thursday’s meeting of the working group was the issue of preserving rights to the use of premises by tenants who are not owners of the dwelling, but was in the apartment. First of all, we are talking about minor children, incapacitated or partially incapacitated citizens .

As explained by the participants, a situation in which the owner may circumvent the judicial order removing the tenants from the register when moving into a new apartment under the program of renovation. In addition, evasion of the owner from visiting the internal Affairs authorities for giving consent to the statement of the tenants of his apartment on the account.

“There’s an interesting conflict: the owner is the subject of the programme of renovation and protection of the rights of citizens registered in this apartment, today does not take into account all possible risk factors. We propose to go the way of relief to the citizens of the registration procedure in the flats obtained by the renovation programme,” said Tolstoy. According to him, “the Federal registration service and the interior Ministry with the help of MFC would automatically transfer the data on the registered tenants from old apartment to new.”

“If it will happen automatically write people the owners can only through the court, and therefore there will be less chance that someone’s rights are violated”, – said Tolstoy.

The working group also will examine separately the question of what was in the apartment of citizens in the choice of the owner of the monetary compensation instead of a new apartment. “We will think over this problem together with the members of the relevant committees of the state Duma, we must protect the rights of those citizens, and that compensation rights are not, and on the street the risk, this is unacceptable,” – said Vice-speaker.

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