The return of Crimea to Ukraine should be considered separately from the end of the war in the Donbass – Pinchuk

Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk claims that do not question the Ukrainian status of Crimea and rejected the alleged willingness to “give” the Peninsula, given to him after the publication of his article in the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

“I was accused of a willingness to give the Crimea, and to abandon the principle of territorial integrity of the country. It’s a lie… I never once questioned the status of the Ukrainian Peninsula,” – wrote V. Pinchuk in his article for “Ukrainska Pravda” published on Friday.

Thus it remains the position that the question of the return of the Crimea under Ukrainian jurisdiction should be considered separately from the cessation of the war in the Donbass. “Ukraine is suffering from the war. Crimea and Donbass occupied. But this is different parts of the same huge problem – and the solution of one should not prevent to solve another,” emphasizes the businessman.

“Donbas is still pouring blood . And it needs to stop. Here we have to compromise. However, the basic question, the issue of ownership of the Crimea – can’t afford to compromise. The Ukrainian Crimea. The annexation is illegal. Occupation is temporary,” – said Pinchuk.

Regarding the development of the situation in Donbas, he said that the absolute priority is a peaceful resolution, and his ways “need to be discussed publicly, openly and honestly.”

“The world is always expensive. But how much and how to pay for it – should solve the Ukrainian society. Those who are fighting in the Donbas or send their sons, in my opinion, should have a decisive voice,” – emphasizes the author.

“It is now important that we have thought and suggested how to promote the country to the world without compromising national interests and to the success”, – concluded V. Pinchuk.

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