The scientific world at an impasse: scientists are unable to unravel the phenomenon of the coins of the 17th century, which depicts a UFO with inscriptions

In the world community still can’t unravel the phenomenon of the French coins of the 17th century, on the reverse side of which depicts a UFO. After more than ten years of research of the mysterious UFO coin on the obverse and its history, the famous numismatist made a clear conclusion: the mysterious disc-shaped device is an image of the real UFO in the understanding of modern man. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to scientists, the coin
was released in the 1680-ies. Moreover, among academics there is a perception,
this currency was a badge that was very common in
as money during gambling.

researchers believe that the image of the strange object on the Obverse could
mean to symbolize the wheel of Ezekiel. OPPORTUNUS ADEST inscription on the rim
adds even more mystery to this strange coin. In Latin
this means proishodit
here, in the right Vremya .

Previously, astronomers have received an alien signal from the alien ship, which is two times bigger than Earth.

It should be noted that the theory
about the signal from the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations does not support the global
community. Other specialists explained the process space echo
the collision of black holes or other cataclysms of the Universe.

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