The star of “House-2” Gleb Zhemchugov, who is suspected of drug use, responded to the accusations

Scandalous party telestroke Gleb Zhemchugov said that never used drugs, while in “the House-2”. He also assured that all the accusations are specially prepared provocation.

Recently former participant of “House-2” Gleb Zhemchugova was accused of drug use. There is information that the man allegedly passed the tests, after which it became clear that he took amphetamines during the filming of a TV show. As a result, the creators of the project decided to say goodbye to addiction for the party, according to “Russian conversation”.

The Hleb almost did not comment on his departure from the show that was due seven years of his life. It alarmed his fans. But later, when it was reported that the man had abused drugs, he has officially commented on the situation.

According to Gleb, no tests he never passed, and the news that he had consumed amphetamines, is an absolute lie . “It’s a lie and a provocation”, – confidently said the former participant of “House.”

He also assured reporters that he had left a great relationship with the creators project. “We congratulate each other on holidays and there are no conflicts between us,” – summed up Pearls.

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