The start of the American ship Cygnus cargo to the ISS will take place no earlier than March 27,


NEW YORK, March 21. /Offset. TASS Kirill Volkov/. The launch vehicle Atlas V American consortium United Launch Alliance (ULA) cargo ship Cygnus to the International space station (ISS) will take place no earlier than March 27. This is stated in a statement on Monday, March 20, the message of the ULA.

“The launch of Atlas V rocket with the Cygnus will be held on March 27,” said the company. According to her, the additional time “will allow experts to detect and fix the problem” with the hydraulic booster. Before the launch of the carrier planned to carry out on March 24.

In addition to stocks of water, food and appliances, Cygnus will deliver to the orbital complex experimental mini-satellite IceCube, developed by the space flight Center. Goddard in Greenbelt (Maryland).

IceCube weighs a little more than 4.5 kg and up to 10 cm in width, the same in length and 30 cm in height . Despite its small size, the satellite is a complete spacecraft system for determining spatial position relative to the three coordinate axes, unfolding solar panels and antenna connection.

At the moment, the watch on the ISS are the Americans Robert Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson, the Russians Andrei Borisenko, Sergei Ryzhikov and Oleg Novitsky and Frenchman Thomas Sands, representing the European space Agency.


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NASA plans to launch a mini satellite to study ice clouds in the lower atmosphere. We decided to find out how many miles IceСube separates from the main object of his studies, and at the same time to recall how to construct a “shell” of the Earth.

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