The state Department says that Syria violates the Convention on chemical weapons

U.S. Agency notes that their accusations are based on opinion, which was given by experts engaged in the study of biometric samples from the bodies of people killed in the Syrian Khan Sheyhun.

As reported
“Russian Conversation”, The State
the US Department made another loud statement accusing the Syrian government that it has not fulfilled
obligations p the destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles.

official Washington stressed that the Assad regime allegedly continues to develop
new chemical weapons, thereby grossly violating the terms of the Convention,
prohibiting to do it.

The state Department refers
the findings of the OPCW made the psle analysis of the bodies of the victims himataki in
Khan Sheyhun and the testimony of survivors.

“The facts reflect despicable and dangerous history of use of chemical weapons
the Assad regime,” the few, the statement of the state Department.

Note that
the death of civilians was the pretext for a strike with cruise missiles, the U.S. air base Shirt, where according to
Washington, flew planes with sarin on Board.

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