The steelmaker’s Day the company “Metinvest” was organized in Zaporozhye Grand celebration, which was attended by over 50 thousand people

To the Day of workers of metallurgical and mining industry, held on 16 July, the enterprises of Metinvest group in Zaporizhzhia PJSC “Zaporizhstal”, PJSC “Zaporozhkoks”, PJSC “zaporozhogneupor” and JSC “Zaporozhye foundry-mechanical plant” – has organized a rich program of events for residents and visitors alike.

As reported in a press release on the eve of each of the companies took place the solemn meetings of labor collectives, during which diplomas and titles, medals, valuable gifts and prizes were awarded to 300 employees.

Just the bonuses for the employees of the Zaporozhye enterprises of “Metinvest” has allocated 500 thousand UAH. In addition, two employees of “Zaporizhstal”, one person “Zaporozhkoks” awarded the highest award of the company – the Gold Star of “Metinvest” and the prize of 50 thousand UAH each for exceptional labour achievements.

Traditionally special attention is paid Steelworkers and the older generation . For veterans of the enterprises associated with the industry, “iron and steel” was organized a solemn meeting, which was attended by over 10 thousand veterans. Also veterans of the plant provided financial assistance amounting to 270 thousand UAH.

On the cascade of fountains “rainbow”, July 15 held a large-scale citywide celebration, which was held under the motto “the Future is you. Alloy possibilities and dreams”.

In the framework of the festival at the same time worked for several interactive locations. In small occupations, the Cossacks tried himself in the role of producers and in the professions related with metallurgy. For the Zaporozhye youth hosted the festival of extreme sports Z-games. Karaoke favorite songs along with the residents sang Ukrainian showman Dmitry Kolyadenko.

The evening at the stadium “Slavutich arena” took place a teleconference between the cities of Zaporizhia, Mariupol and Krivoy Rog, summed up the Olympics “Metinvest”. Also, the stadium hosted a large concert with participation of groups Ottawan, La Bounce, Monetica and Eugene Khmara, Sergey Prytula and Alexander Pedan.

In General, more than 50 thousand Cossacks took part in the celebration of the day of Metallurgist and miner in Zaporozhye together with the metallurgists of “Metinvest”.

General Director of “Metinvest” Yuri Ryzhenkov noted that the Day of the Metallurgist is one of the most important days of the year for “steel” cities in Ukraine – Mariupol, Krivoy Rog, Avdeyevka and Zaporozhye.

“In these cities people live with iron grip, steel patience and confidence in what they are doing is right, correct thing. These people give confidence in the future of their families and their country. Thanks to their selfless work, the mining and metallurgical industry, despite all the difficulties of the time, remains the backbone of Ukraine’s economy. Metallurgy gives a fifth of foreign exchange earnings to the country. Ukraine remains in the top ten steelmaking countries in the world and competes on the international market. These achievements of our metallurgists and miners,” – emphasizes the CEO, who was quoted by the press service.

In turn, the General Director of “Zaporizhstal” Rostislav Shurma added that every day of the Metallurgist is a milestone to which enterprise fits with great achievements and successes.

“And this year is no exception – we are completing the largest investment project in the history of Russian metallurgy. We are now preparing to launch reconstructed according to the most stringent European environmental standards of blast furnace No. 3. For seven months we have performed the work that previously was difficult to meet for the half year. And all this – thanks to a strong, professional, motivated team of metallurgists”, – said a top Manager.

The General Director of PJSC “zaporozhogneupor” Viktor Busko noted that this year “zaporozhogneupor” reached the international level.

“We chose the right path, the path of development and expansion. And the fact that the products of the Zaporozhye factory interested other cities and other countries, gives hope for the future – the future of our company and our city. I am sure that it is due to the metallurgical enterprises Zaporozhye will become strong and powerful industrial capital of Ukraine”, – convinced the head of the plant.

The General Director of PJSC “Zaporozhkoks” Vitaly Lithuanian added that new iron and steel year “Zaporozhkoks” is with high results – the company keeps a stable trade and good economic performance systematically improves the quality of products.

“A considerable role in enhancing the effectiveness of the enterprise carries out our young people – energetic, enterprising coke manufacturers, able to make unconventional decisions. For them, the company opened a lot of prospects have a real opportunity of training and career growth.

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