The supports and spans the road part of the Crimean bridge is ready on 90%

© Sergey Maligawa/TASS

MOSCOW, November 20. /TASS/. Basic structural elements of the road part of the Crimean bridge 90% done, train parts 45%. This was the chief of fku “uprdor “TAMAN” Roman Novikov said on Monday at the exhibition “Russia looking into the future”.

“Today we can state that the road part of the bridge we are 90% complete and the train is 45%,” – said Novikov.


Crimean bridge: the main facts about the construction of the century
In December 2018, the first car needs to drive over the bridge across the Kerch Strait

According to his message, now ready more than 430 supports, shipped more than 6.2 thousand piles. Also on the bridge laid the bottom layer of asphalt 7 km to Kerch, 3 km to Taman, the top layer of asphalt and 2 km in Kerch and 2 km in Taman. According to Novikov, during the construction of the bridge uses only domestic materials .

“If we talk about the percentage of domestic and foreign materials, 100% use of domestic materials. I can assure you, no foreign bolt on the bridge there,” said Novikov.

In October, the Deputy head of the Federal road Agency of the Russian Federation Igor Astakhov reported that the construction of Crimean bridge is more than 50%.

The Crimean bridge is being built at the expense of the Russian budget under the Federal target program “Socially-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol until 2020” without Fund-raising. Its length is 19 km, Construction and installation works at the facility began in February of 2016, the total project cost is estimated at 228 billion rubles. Car traffic on the bridge will open in 2018, the railway in 2019.

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