The Syrians began to call children Putin – Syrian Ambassador

In Syria claim that children call Putin

Syrian Ambassador to Russia said that the country began to study Russian.

Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad in Moscow said that the Russian language became the second language in Syrian schools, as many parents in the country called the children of Putin. His words, siteroot Interfax-Ukraine.

“The decision by President Bashar al-Assad that Russian language became the second language in Syria is one of the elements of gratitude of the Syrian people to the Russian people for their support. Even many families named their children Putin. It is no secret if I say that the children of the President (Bashar Assad) are now taught Russian,” said Haddad, speaking in the Federation Council.

The Ambassador added that in all of Syria’s universities have been opened in the Department of Russian language study. In schools the study of Russian begins with the seventh grade .

Earlier, media reported that Syria has moved the aircraft closer to the Russian base.

Russia reported the destruction of chemical weapons

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