The Turkish Parliament changed the Constitution under Aradhana and gave him even more power

At the meeting of Turkish Parliament on Friday, January 13, deputies by a majority of votes supported the seventh and eighth amendments to the Constitution, giving President Recep Erdogan even greater powers in the matter of the termination of the authority of Ministers.

Turkish constitutional reform provides as many as 18 amendments to the main law of the country, and most of them aimed at strengthening the presidential vertical and the extension of the powers of erdoğan, according to “Russian conversation”.

On Friday MPs voted for the seventh and eighth amendments enabling Erdogan to his decrees to appoint and dismiss members of the government, and also provide their untouchable status in the ruling Turkish party without the possibility of exclusion and the resignation of its leader.

It is assumed that for all stages of voting in the Turkish Parliament will take about 2 weeks .

We will remind, the Turkish authorities started a constitutional reform after the failed coup attempt on 15 July 2016. Ankara is confident that the expansion of presidential powers in the future to avoid such incidents.

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