The U.S. Ambassador accused the security Council of the UN obsession with Israel

UN 16 Feb. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. The UN Security Council was biased against Israel, and thus has a negative impact on the middle East peace process. This was stated to journalists by the permanent representative of the USA at the world organization, Nikki Haley, accusing the UN security Council “obsession” with the Jewish state.

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U.S. Ambassador Thursday for the first time participated in the monthly meeting of the UN security Council on the middle East. Following the meeting, she confessed that she found the discussion “a bit strange”. “At the meeting on the situation in the middle East it was not about money and weapons, which are the terrorists, not the fight against “Islamic state” (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in Russia – approx. TASS) or how to draw (Syrian President Bashar) Assad accountable for the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians. “The meeting was devoted to criticism of Israel – the only democratic country in the middle East,” the diplomat said.

Haley noted that such monthly meetings of the UN security Council holds “for decades”. “I’m here to declare that the U.S. will no longer turn a blind eye,” said the American Ambassador, calling a mistake the adoption in December of a resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity. According to her, these “outrageously biased resolution” only hinder the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict. However, she expressed dissatisfaction that the United States attempt to achieve the adoption of the Council’s statement condemning the terrorist attack in the Israeli city of Petah Tikva on February 9 was blocked.

As reported by Hayley, during the Thursday discussion, it invited the Council members to explain to her “why in the world when so much is happening, every month we have to sit and listen to how they are obsessed with Israel.”

“This is a problem. We want to constructively influence the process (peaceful resolution). What is happening is counterproductive to the peace process. When the UN has played a more divisive than unifying role, it is a cause for concern,” – said the permanent representative of the United States.

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