The U.S. justice Department told about the racism and abuse of police powers in Chicago

Chicago Police



The U.S. justice Department said that the Chicago police violated the rights of city residents, especially African Americans and immigrants from Latin America.

Police in Chicago systematically violated the rights of residents, exceeding their authority, especially in relation to African Americans and immigrants from Latin America, says the report of the Ministry of justice of the USA, transfers Bi-Bi-si.

As noted in the document, a detailed investigation into the activities of the Chicago police Department revealed that many residents are faced with misconduct by guards.

“The lack of trust and accountability is not only bad for the residents, it is also bad for the decent cops who are trying to do their job honestly and effectively,” said US attorney Loretta Lynch.

One of the reasons for the deterioration of police work called shortcomings in the training of guards .

In may last year published a report, which also noted that the Chicago police are prone to racism and for decades has infringed the rights of black US residents and Hispanics.

A year earlier, the mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel has established a special Commission to assess the situation in the city police. The reason was the mass protests following several high-profile killings by police of African Americans.

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