The UN Secretary General sees no alternative to the formula of “two States” settlement in the middle East

The Palestinians are playing cards in the background of a press conference of Israeli Prime Minister and U.S. President

UN chief Antonio Guterres warned the administration of the President of trump from departing from the concept of two States in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reports BBC.

This statement clearly caused by the words of Donald trump that he would support any solution that will bring peace and which would suit both sides.

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This position is contrary to the long tradition of American diplomacy on this issue.

The Palestinian authority anxiously reacted to these words, which are there regarded as a hint that the U.S. may abandon support for Palestinian statehood.

Last stage of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations ended in failure in 2014 .

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Speaking after a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, President trump promised to achieve remarkable, as he put it, the agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. But he stressed that both sides need to compromise.

“I consider the two formulas – two States and one state – said trump. And I will choose the one that will appeal to both parties”.

Following this, the UN Secretary General called on the international community to do everything possible for realization of a middle East settlement by the formula “two States”.

According to him, the conflict in the middle East will not be resolved by other means.

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