The United States wants to create an analogue of NATO in the middle East – already named the countries in the new Alliance

The idea of American leadership, the main goal of the new defense structure is the opposition of a number of threats that exist in the region. These include the fight against followers of the terrorist group ISIS, torturing a number of areas of the Middle East.

According to “Russian conversation”, the main task of the middle Eastern counterpart of the North Atlantic Alliance will struggle with the militarization of Iran, which scares a number of countries in the middle East.

According to the influential American newspaper Wall Street Journal, the new military Alliance would operate on the same principles as NATO.

An attack on one of the allies would attack on the new military Alliance, and the military response will be immediate.

It is expected that a new military Alliance will enter Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt . What other middle Eastern States can become members of the military unit is still unknown.

“Russian conversation” already wrote that Russia has promised to adequately respond to a military threat to NATO in the black sea region. It is also known that the North Atlantic Alliance opens a new office in Kishinev.

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