The US authorities are forbidden to carry electronic gadgets on flights from several countries in the Middle East

The US authorities are going to forbid passengers to carry laptops, tablet computers, cameras and other electronics in hand baggage on all flights from several countries in the Middle East and North Africa, gave CBS News, citing American officials.

It is noted that the ban will not be subject to mobile phones. Limitations also do not affect American airlines.

A source told the publication that the innovation is not related to any specific threat, it substantiates the common security and counter-terrorism.

According to a source, the ban on the carriage of electronic devices will be introduced on Tuesday. Now the United States to notify airlines of the new rules. They will have 96 hours to introduce a ban in effect.

In turn, the AP, citing U.S . officials, reports that to pass the gadgets in the Luggage will have passengers with direct flights from the international airports of Cairo (Egypt), Amman (Jordan), Kuwait (Kuwait), Casablanca (Morocco), Doha (Qatar), Riyadh and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Istanbul (Turkey) and Dubai (UAE).

According to the source, the timing of the ban is not definitely determined.

Another source told the news Agency that the ban will affect nine airlines in the next few hours, the transportation security Administration, the United States will inform them about the new rules.

Airlines already give some details of the restrictions. So, Royal Jordanian reports that hand Luggage can I take on Board cell phone and medical electronic devices.

AP cites the opinion of an expert in aviation security, according to which the new rules are explained in receiving us intelligence information about a possible terrorist attack. Also we can talk about poor quality inspection at certain airports, and even criminal collusion of employees of the air Harbor.

The specialists underline that such restrictions there are also disadvantages: Luggage theft will increase significantly. In addition, the battery of some devices can catch fire, and to note the incident in the Luggage compartment is extremely difficult.

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