The White house doctor called excellent health of Donald trump

The US President Donald trump


WASHINGTON, January 13. /TASS/. President Donald trump has “excellent health”. This was announced by the chief White house doctor Ronny Jackson carried out after first medical examination of trump as the 45th chief of staff of the United States.

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“The medical examination of the President was held at the National medical center of the U.S. Navy the Walter reed army extremely well. The President is in excellent health. I’ll share some details of the examination at a press briefing next Tuesday”, – he said in a statement.

For trump, who on June 14 will be 72 years old, is the first medical examination as the head of state and commander of the armed forces of the country.

Although U.S . presidents are not required to undergo such medical examinations, it has become common practice since the 37th head of the administration of Richard Nixon (1913-1994). Barack Obama, who was replaced by 20 January 2017 in the White house trump, over his eight years in power did it four times. In 2016, he checked the sight, hearing, condition of the nasopharynx, thyroid, lungs, heart, skin, esophagus, muscles, bones, and brain activity.

In previous similar cases, the doctors at the medical center of the Navy, located in Bethesda (suburb of Washington) usually put their signatures to a conclusion that the health status of a President allows him to perform his duties until the end of his term.

Trump does not drink alcohol and does not smoke, loves to play Golf. The last time he publicly discussed the state of his health in September 2016, when he was still a presidential candidate. Then in interview to TV program Dr. Oz Show, he pointed out, was “all the medical tests”, and the level of cholesterol had “very good”. According to the billionaire, weighing around 107 kg, he would like to lose about 7 kg.

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