The woman in Buryatia hacked to death who was sleeping after drinking her husband, fearing threats from the cooked without meat soup

23-the summer inhabitant of Buryatiya has made the murder of his wife because of the loud quarrel, the cause of which was the lack of meat in his wife cooked the soup.

Now find out the details of the crime, which occurred in a family living in the village Zaigraevo (Buryatia). The woman was afraid of threats to spouse and nights a man was killed with an axe. About it reports “Russian conversation”, referring to regional management of SK Russian Federation.

It turned out that her husband is a criminal after returning from the taiga, brought the profit, most of which gave to the wife, and then went to celebrate the return. Later, a drunken man upon arriving home, began to make trouble with his wife due to the fact that she cooked the soup without meat.

The woman explained that the money for the purchase of meat she lacked . However, her husband, being very drunk, got angry and beat her, promised to kill her in her sleep. Later, the man fell asleep himself.

The mother of two children for a long time straining to sleep, but she was scared due to threats. Woman night decided to commit a crime – taken in the yard of the axe, went into the house and killed her husband, several times hitting him on the head. After the received traumas the man died.

The woman herself called an ambulance and the police, first withdrawing from the house of two children, to keep them from seeing the corpse of his father.

At the moment the law-enforcement agencies initiated a criminal case under article “Murder”, however, is still under examination and clarification of all the circumstances of the crime.

Yet the woman is forbidden to travel until after clarification of all details of the incident.

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