The world’s oceans on the brink of extinction: scientists have noticed that in the reservoirs is rapidly falling oxygen levels

German representatives research Department, which involved tracking many parameters of the waters of the world ocean, got the horrific results of the research. As it turned out, the Content of molecular oxygen dissolved in water and support life in the seas and oceans, over the last 10 years has decreased by as much as 2%, which is a sharp decline. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

To monitor researchers
used five independent databases of state of the hydrosphere of the earth. Sharp
a drop of 2% is not a seasonal fluctuation, and evidence
global process leading to a gradual depletion of oxygen in
the waters of the World ocean.

At the moment
the oxygen content in the oceans is the 222,5 peramola. If it
the contents will continue to decline, then our planet will have another mass
extinction .

Earlier in Antarctica found four huge subglacial lake, which rapidly increase the water level of the oceans.

The area of the subglacial lakes
700 square kilometers. In addition, the maximum speed
flow is 240 cubic m/s, which is the most intensive period in
Western Antarctica.

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