To establish grounds for a sudden inspection of employers ‘ civil service labor – Reva

The Ministry of social policy of Ukraine in favor of granting of the State service of labor to conduct surprise inspections of employers in case of illegal employment of staff, payment of wages below the minimum and back wages, said Minister of social policy Andrei Reva.

“It is necessary to clearly determine the reason for unexpected checks. We are talking about the “shadow” employment, wage defined by the law of the minimum of wages”, – said A. Reva in comments to the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” on Monday in Kyiv.

The Minister noted that it is intended to introduce the possibility of Public service work, or units that will be created for this with the local authorities, spot checks of employers in respect of whom there is information that on their premises is the place of informal employment, payment of wages below the minimum or a debt on a salary.

According to him, such data can come from the Pension Fund or the State fiscal service .

The project has passed the approval of all interested bodies and will soon be submitted to the government.

The Minister stressed that at the moment checks can only be planned, the reasons for their conduct is much broader.

“Today is not unplanned, because their arrangement is not” – said A. Reva.

According to him, now at least 10 days prior to testing, the employer is cautioned by the referee about it, allowing it to conceal possible violations.

The Minister said, if the reviewer will not be allowed on the enterprise, the employer could have been fined up to 320 thousand UAH, and if the scan identified the violation, the fine will amount to 96 thousand UAH.

From the beginning of 2017 on employers was imposed two fines for 320 thousand UAH. Now, they are appealed in court.

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