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News of show business:the Brain also needs exercise.

Central nervous system provides the control of conscious human activity, the peripheral nervous system links Central nervous system with the entire body and brings her “team” to each cell. To put in order the consciousness, it is necessary first and foremost to maintain order in the Central nervous system. And above all the brain, the author stresses the well-known methods of healing Niche, Cazuza in the book “recovery of the vessels and the blood.”

The activity of the brain is entirely dependent on its blood supply. If the blood supply to the brain is stopped for at least two minutes — this leads to irreversible damage. Of vital importance is the prevention of circulatory disorders of the brain.

The brain consists of multiple nerve cells called neurons, which are summed to supply the arteries and capillaries . And blood vessels are the axes, which are located around the neurons. This means that the backbone of the functioning of the brain circulatory system. Neurons need to constantly obtain from the vessels nutrition — oxygen and nutrients are entering the blood. The work of neurons requires constant and continuous delivery of blood and oxygen. Enough for a few moments to stop the delivery of oxygen and neurons die.

Therefore, the obstacles encountered in the bloodstream of the brain that may become irreversible and lead to death. Fortunately, our body is able to self-adaptive: if blocked for some reason, some blood vessels that are workarounds for admission of blood to the brain. If compress and not let the blood of one artery, it can expand the blood and skip others. But the potential for such self-regulation is also not unlimited. If you do not follow the laws of nature, if not consciously seek to improve their health, body harder and harder to cope with their troubles on their own, without our conscious help and support.

Exercises to improve cerebral circulation

To the deterioration of cerebral circulation leads a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and prolonged sedentary work, especially if the head remains a long time in the same unchanged position. Even worse, if the head remains constantly fixed, while being slightly inclined in one direction.

Exercises with a tilting of the head increase the elasticity of blood vessels that feed the brain, causing their extension. This, combined with rhythmic breathing through the nose increases the flow of oxygen to brain cells, improves mental performance. To perform such exercises better standing, repeating every 4-5 times.

Exercise 1

Starting position: arms along the body. Then raise the hands towards the shoulders, clenching his hands into fists and his head tilted forward. Then raise his elbows up and his head tilted forward. To return to the starting position. To perform not fast and not slow — average pace.

Exercise 2

Starting position: arms at sides. Then the arms bend at the elbows and made the jerk bent at the elbows hands, right hand forward, left — backward, behind his back. To return to the starting position. The same thing a few times to make changing the hands: the right — back, left — forward. Not fast and not slow — average pace.

Exercise 3

Starting position: arms at sides, head straight. His head tilted to right shoulder, return to starting position. His head tilted to left shoulder, return to starting position. Keeping your head straight, without tilting the neck, and looking in front of you, turn it to the right, return to starting position. Then just keeping your head straight, without tilting the neck, and looking in front of him, turning it to the left, then return to the starting position. To do at a slow pace.

Breathing to improve blood supply to the brain

Breath, how strange this may seem, contribute to the improvement of cerebral circulation. From time to time to do it, to clear the blood from reaching the brain, and force it to circulate more actively. Do a simple experiment. You need to sit in front of a mirror and hold my breath as much as possible. After some time there will be some reddening of the face and the feeling of blood pulsation in the temples. At the first signs of such phenomena experience is necessary to stop and start breathing normally. This experience suggests that the breath holding causes the blood in the brain to circulate more actively. If the delay of breath in addition to do physical exercise, the brain starts some vibration all tissues, environments and substances.

Exercise “breath”

Starting position: basic stand, to breathe middle or bottom of breath. On the inhale hold your breath and measure how many seconds, the maximum you can hold your breath. Then rest for 5 minutes. Divide the number of seconds possible for you to breath hold for 2 — this is the duration of the healing breath, you will practice at first.

After resting again hold your breath for the number of seconds that you got by dividing by 2 the maximum possible delay. Relax for 5 minutes. Then again hold your breath for your final the number of seconds plus 2 seconds.

After rest increase the breath for 2 seconds. So gradually the need to bring the breath to get yourself initially possible for you.

The next day repeat the same, but bring the value of the maximum delay to your initial maximum value plus 1 second. The next day, plus 2 seconds. Yet further to increase the duration of the delay is not necessary. Keep doing exercise every day, keeping the duration of the delay. And then — according to your health. At desire it is possible to achieve an increasingly greater delay time breathing. The maximum value is 120 seconds (2 minutes) — will attest to the fact that the body is healthy, the blood purified, and cerebral blood flow normalized. From the practice of breathing delays, you can use the practice of breathing delays in combination with exercise.

Exercise “breath holding during exercise”

Starting position: basic stand, to take a breath and the pads of my thumbs to pinch the nostrils. This creates a stop breathing. Then, by tilting the torso parallel to the floor, bend the legs at the hip and knee joints with the delayed breath in the greatest number of times.

Breath, you should repeat the exercise at least 5 times. During the day this exercise should be performed three times before eating. Daily activities on this system are to provide adequate blood flow to the brain while strengthening the blood vessels of all divisions cardiovascular system.

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