Top news 20 March: Attack on police, plane crash and “unhappy” Ukraine


Today is the international day of happiness, but the Ukrainians turned out to be not very satisfied with their lives. In the world rankings of happiness, our country is ranked only 135th in the end.

In Exactly the RPG fired at the Windows of the chief of the local administration police patrol Sergei Merchuk. The grenade hit the gym, no one was hurt. The basic version – to destabilize the situation in the region and in the country. For the purpose of detention of criminals in the region introduced a plan “Interception” and strengthened measures to ensure public safety and order. Another shooting incident occurred and police in Cherkasy region, where during a special operation shot and killed a man who opened fire on the police.

SBU checked the information about the stay in the Crimea politicians from European and other countries who arrived at the invitation of the occupation authorities to “celebrate” the third anniversary of the pseudo-referendum . It turned out that on the territory of Crimea are illegal four citizens of Serbia and one citizen of the Czech Republic. SBU took the decision to ban them in Ukraine for a period of five years. The information about citizens of Ukraine in this delegation is not currently confirmed.

The militants have covered “Hail” positions of the Ukrainian military near the Water on the Mariupol direction. The enemy has released 40 rounds of 152 mm caliber, 40 rounds of 122 mm calibre and 65 shots from the system “Grad”. Seven soldiers were injured and two people died. The staff also reported on the losses of the enemy: previously, six killed and 9 wounded.

At the airport “Wow” in South Sudan crashed passenger plane, which was flying from the capital Juba. Accurate data about victims: the AFP reported 14 injured, while local media reported that on Board were 44 passengers.

Ukraine ranked 132-th place out of 155 in the world rankings of happiness, commissioned by the UN organization of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Ukraine is located between Uganda and Ghana and is located in the tail of the ranking. The happiest country in the world was Norway.

In new York at the age of 101 years died an American billionaire David Rockefeller. Rockefeller was the oldest billionaire ranking of Forbes magazine. His fortune was estimated at $ 3.3 billion. He was the last surviving grandson of Rockefeller, Sr., the first American billionaire and the founder of the oil company Standard oil.

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