Transfer market: Adam Johnson gets transferred to another prison

Adam Johnson



Sports news:Former player of Sunderland wants you to send him to a different prison due to death threats.

The former Sunderland midfielder and England international Adam Johnson, who was sentenced to six years in prison for sex with a minor, asked to be moved to another correctional facility due to the alleged impending assassination attempt on him, reports The Sun.

The player serving time in prison Moorland. One inmate said 29-year-old Johnson about the impending attempt on his life. It is noted that the massacre of them was going to inflict with a homemade knife.

“Johnson has contacted the family and said he was scared. It requires transfer to another prison. Adam knows when and where to wait for the attack and wants to leave Morland as soon as possible”, – said the source of the tabloid.

Recall that in March 2016 Johnson was found guilty on two counts (“sexual intercourse with a minor” and “statutory rape”) . The footballer told that he seduced a 15-year-old fan girl and kissed her, however, rejected allegations of a sexual relationship with a teenager. After that Sunderland has terminated a player’s contract unilaterally.

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