Tretyakov made a mockery with the sale of electronic tickets for Roma Aeterna

Today I tried to buy tickets for the hit exhibition at the Tretyakov gallery, Roma Aeterna, which brought the masterpieces of the Vatican picture gallery. The process was humiliating — and not one for me, for thousands of people, who also came to the site of the Tretyakov gallery in the hope to book a ticket online.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The exhibition Roma Aeterna works in the Tretyakov gallery in November. Even before it opened, all e-tickets for December sold out. On exposure, however, it was possible to get on a queue — well, I thought, I’ll stand with the child during the new year holidays, with a thermos and sandwiches.

But in mid-December, living place, the Tretyakov gallery has canceled because the Resellers resell the tickets with a huge markup. Guide gallery announced: tickets will only be available online or in advance, on a certain day at the box office, they will be registered, and input necessary to show a passport .

15 Dec Tretyakov posted in an online sale another batch of tickets — they ran out for the day. Already art lovers have complained about problems with the site (he dully hung out) and I decided to wait for the “last portion” in January, hoping that by the time the lab gallery will fine-tune the process.

January 12 through cash almost instantly sold 4,000 tickets for the period until the end of the exhibition until 19 February, the people took from the night. The last stage of e-sales (at stake was 30,000 tickets) was scheduled for noon on January 13.

Surrounded in as much as three computers, I started to buy. At first all went well: on different days displayed enough tickets.

Chose a convenient time, and ran into the famous question “You’re not a robot?”. SARTINA (test that allows to distinguish the program from the human robot) were asked to choose from 9 images those who have road signs. Well, let the picture — the Tretyakov gallery, after all. Chose, entered my email and was happy to wait for her code, without which to buy a ticket is impossible.

In the order form on the website, meanwhile, went ruthless timing. For everything I took for 2 minutes.

Code didn’t receive, the order was annulled.

Tried again. SURDNA told to choose pictures of shop Windows, the pictures with green grass, of the image where there is a patio. Patio, gentlemen! Chairs on blurred background with pool is a patio? The patio is the pool? Il outside? But the result was the same — once before the system came: I am not a robot, and a woman (which is already rather irritated, system understand, alas could not), the screen was off: “the Limit of tickets is exhausted.”

After an hour ordeal — well, the child was in school and did not hear unparliamentary expressions — I did it. Again made it to the stage “wait code in mail.”

A miracle, a dream: now the damn code you could enter for the past two hours. Meanwhile, the website wrote: “no Tickets”. No. Over.

That is the last hope: open an order window where you can enter the code.

Passed another hour. I feverishly checked the mail on three computers at once. Figushki. Zero.

To brighten up the expectation, and began to read the social media posts of fellow sufferers. Citizens were in varying degrees of brutality.

Most are unable to do so on the website of the Tretyakov gallery or anything.

Someone, like me, have not received code.

Someone got, but the system refused to accept it.

Someone even paid for but do not receive it.

“Half a day sitting at a computer like a dumbass and have to cook dinner for the whole family!!! Do something!!!”

“I’m from out of town, I have cancelled two orders — how is it?”

“Contact technical support”, – simply answered the cries for help, the representatives of the Tretyakov gallery.

Asked, sent me order number, asked code.


The time counter is highlighted fatal “0:01:00”. Another minute — and likely will not.

God bless, the wife of nondrinkers and children honors the anonymous who suggested on the forum: most will reload the page with the order, they increased the wait to 10 hours. And found out it was anonymous organoleptic method — the website of the Tretyakov gallery anything that is not reported.

Summary: when I was finishing these lines, the clock 17:30.

Code in the mail not to see (I have it correct! And the “spam” too!)

On the website of the Tretyakov gallery news: “Until February 19, all tickets have been purchased, and some — in process. If some of the orders did not buy these tickets again go to the website”.

The deadline to enter a code at me until the second half of the night. Spit, don’t wait, sleep?

Rightly said one lady: “it’s Easier to go straight to the Vatican.”

Vividly it specialists of the Tretyakov gallery. A leisurely, tasteful waiting for the New year and poveselitsya during the holidays guys. Of course, none of them could predict that on January 13, when normal citizens are preparing to celebrate the Old NG, the tickets will run across thousands of bastards!

Put an exclamation point and passed it the text — but returned.

Saw Vkontakte that a certain Elizabeth Scherbak, who was walking with me one sad way, it seems only one of us received a response tech support: “Is the code to enter any 6 digits”.

Introduced with a trembling hand. God forbid Elizabeth husband’s non-drinking, children-students.

Now I have two tickets to Roma Aeterna. Look the same on Perugino to Caravaggio. Only six hours of torment.

By the way, to the Vatican once I was standing living place. It took an hour and a half.

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