Trolling Kiev in the Russian way: in the state Duma proposed Kobzon and the choir of the Alexandrov as participants of “Eurovision”

This initiative was made by MP from the party “Fair Russia” Oleg Nilov. He is convinced that the song contest, which will be held may 9, should be decorated with a performance of Joseph Kobzon and restored choir Alexandrov.

According to “Russian conversation” Nilov made a proposal to take the necessary measures in the case that artists will not allow the territory of Ukraine.

“My suggestion: God bless Joseph Davydovich, send it along with the chorus Alexandrov on may 9 in Kyiv, and if they refuse, for whatever reasons, let’s take appropriate measures”, — said Nilov at the plenary session of the State Duma.

As you know, the semi-finals of “Eurovision” 2017 will be held in the capital of Ukraine, on 9 and 11 may, and the finals will be held may 13. But until now, still unknown, will the competition because the team that worked on the preparation for the competition, unexpectedly announced his retirement .

“Russian conversation” already wrote about the fact that Ukraine has banned entry into the country a number of Russian cultural figures, including singers. Thus, it is undesirable Christina Aguilera, Joseph Kobzon and other artists.

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