Trudeau: Canada should provide independence from fossil fuels

Justin Trudeau



Justin Trudeau commented on the situation with the development of the oil Sands.

Canada needs to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and to abandon the development of the oil Sands, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau during communication with the citizens.

“We can tomorrow to close the oil Sands. We need to stop their development, to ensure independence from fossil fuels, but it takes time,” said Trudeau.

He added that he considers it his duty responsible to market for canadian natural resources. “We are a resource country and we must offer our resources to market. But in the twenty-first century, this should be done responsibly and with the assistance of consultation, including with scientists and indigenous people”, – said the Prime Minister.

He believes that in today’s world it is possible to combine benefits for the environment and benefit the economy . “I often say that it is impossible to make a choice between what is good for the environment and what is good for the economy,” said Trudeau.

Background: oil Sands: Sands containing industrial znachimaya amount of oil. Large supplies available in Canada, however, the development associated with significant environmental risks and powerful release of carbon dioxide. Because of this, Canada is one of the world’s largest producers of greenhouse gases per capita.

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