Trump has maintained that he “did for Russia,” but wants to get along

The US President Donald trump

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WASHINGTON, February 16. /Offset. TASS Anatoly Bochinin/. The President of the United States Donald trump at a press conference stated that he would like to “get along with Russia”, although it is nothing for her did not, unlike his rival in the election of Hillary Clinton.

“I didn’t do anything for Russia, I didn’t do anything for Russia, – he said. – If we can get along with Russia, is a positive thing. We have some very talented people (Secretary of state) Rex Tillerson, who will soon meet with them.”

The US President said that “Hillary Clinton gave Russia 20% uranium from our country .” He also recalled the commitment of former Secretary of state to carry out the reset of relations with Russia: “Remember that silly plastic button, because we all looked like a bunch of idiots?”

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The US President noted that the current wave of publications in the American press about Russia is a continuous series of “fake news”. According to him, “Russia (that is, concerning its materials in the American media at this stage – approx. TASS) – it’s the fake news”. In addition, the American leader several times described as a Ruse or trick, the spread of the American press allegations of ties to the Russian authorities with trump and his entourage. “This is a fake news created by the media,” said trump. He noted that “the real news is the fact that people, probably from the Obama administration’s” remaining in the Executive branch of the U.S. government, were conducting an anti-Russian campaign.

According to trump, unfolded in the us media campaign against Russia may give Russian leader Vladimir Putin the wrong message. “Perhaps Putin thinks that can’t come to agreements with me because, from a political point of view, the achievement of this kind of arrangements I will not be popular,” he said, putting, “don’t know if we can reach agreements” with Moscow.

Trump believes that because of this anti-Russian campaign, Moscow has assumed that Washington “started up again” and “not able to reach an agreement with trump.” “If I would’ve taken a brutal position towards Russia, you (the media) and people were saying how it’s great. But I know you well, later you would have to say that he (the US President) is too tough (relative to Russia) and should not behave,” explained trump.

Trump also explained that he did not believe that Putin is “trying to test him.” “No, I don’t think so”, – he answered the corresponding question of journalists.

In addition, the head of state stressed that “it is much easier to take a tough stance on Russia to reach agreement”. However, he indicated that he was going to “do the right thing” in this matter, the interests of Americans and the world. “Don’t forget, we are a powerful nuclear country, as they, – said trump. – If we have good relations with Russia, believe me it will be fine.”


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