Trump said, in which case the sanctions policy of the USA against Russia will be revised

The US President-elect Donald trump did not rule out that all the anti-Russian sanctions, introduced by the previous preside ntial administration, may be withdrawn, however, the revision of the sanctions policy in particular will depend on Moscow.

According to trump, the lifting of sanctions is unlikely to happen in the first days of his stay in the White house, but that could change Russia for the better, if the dialogue between Moscow and Washington will again be adjusted, and the previous format of Russian-American relations restored, according to “Russian conversation”.

“If we get along with Russia, and it would really help us, why would anyone keep the penalties if someone makes a good case,” he said.

Trump also noted their willingness to meet personally with President Vladimir Putin, aware of the interest in this meeting from the Russian side.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue,” the White house said about possible talks between Putin and trump in the near future, and preparation for phone call is now.

We will remind, the official entry of the trump in the position of President of the United States is scheduled for Friday, January 20. At his inauguration elected head of state will spend a record amount.

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