Trump told how he persuaded XI Jinping to influence the DPRK

The US President Donald trump

The American leader said that China’s position towards North Korea has changed in exchange for more favorable trade agreements.

The US President Donald trump said that he convinced the leader of China XI Jinping to take a more active part in solving the problem of North Korea in exchange for more favorable trade agreements with the United States, RIA Novosti reported.

“I actually said to him (XI Jinping – ed.): “You will achieve much better trade agreements, if you get rid of this threat or do something with the threat of North Korea,” said trump at a press conference with Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni.

Recall, trump and Chinese President met in the United States on April 6-7. Following the meeting, XI Jinping said about the need to strengthen cooperation in the military sphere.

Trump also reiterated that “deep respect” for XI Jinping, who “works hard” to address the problem of North Korea.

“All the experts say they have never seen China and worked like now. Many of the ships with coal is shipped back (in Korea – ed.). Other things happen,” − said the American leader.

During the press conference, journalists also asked trump whether he thinks that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN “mentally unstable”.

“I can’t answer your question about stability. I hope the answer is positive, not negative,” − said the President of the United States.

Previously in the United States was seen as a diplomatic victory the fact that China abstained in the vote on the Syrian issue in the UN.

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