Trump: U.S. intelligence understand that assembled a dossier on him with incriminating evidence is fake

In the American intelligence services understand that dossier, which claimed that Russia allegedly collected dirt on Donald trump is a fake, said the US President-elect on Saturday.

“Knowledgeable people in the intelligence services now say that a “dossier on the trump” – “total fake!” – posted by D. trump on Twitter.

Earlier this week it became known that the author of the dossier on D. trump, former agent of British intelligence MI-6 Chistopher Steele gave the documents a range of individuals, particularly the FBI, to find confirmation of the information received about the relations of the elected President of the USA with Moscow.

The report provoked a strong negative reaction from D. trump and his team, who called it “from beginning to end fabricated.”

“I think it disgraceful and shameful for intelligence agencies to release such information, which is fabricated and false,” said D. trump at his first press conference on Wednesday .

He added: “This is something that could do and did Nazi Germany.”

On Wednesday, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov categorically denied the Russia collection of compromising materials on D. trump, and Hillary Clinton, calling the reports “absolute fiction”.

Initially K. Steele gathered information about D. trump at the order of his political opponents. However, according to British media reports, then, left without customers, a former intelligence officer continued to work for free, because they believed that the resulting data are of interest to US intelligence and the UK and important to the national security of the United States.

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