Twitter has launched the filter’s “safe search” is blocking authors censorship




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The leadership of the social network Twitter on the eve launched a new filter “SafeSearch”, which will help to get rid of abusive tweets once and for all.

Most of the users received notifications that their account has been restricted to search for 12 hours, which caused outrage among bloggers and critics. Users focused on the fact that the social network has a wrong perception of offensive speech and incitement to violence. They believe that the filter was poorly tested in the development stage, therefore, many account holders have received notifications about record locking.

The update has not touched those users who have not used social network for “black PR” or hype to which many bloggers are so accustomed to. It should be noted that all subscribers blocked user also get notification of closed access to author publications. Blocking will occur in several stages throughout the week, says the official Twitter blog .

It should be noted that the first mention about the new filter appear in the social network in 2016. Even then this provoked outrage from critics, who prefer to speak freely on the Internet. The management promised to correct deficiencies and provide the final version in February 2017. At this point in the “safe search” was only the tweets that contain insults a specific individual, event, leadership of the country, incitement to violence, and the motives of racism. Prohibition did not affect those records that tell us about the event, not creating newsworthy for discussion.

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