Tyumen dog has developed a free course on the preservation of life, aggressive dogs

TYUMEN, January 13. /TASS/. Experts puppy kindergarten at the dog training club “Union” in the city of Tyumen has developed a special free course for dog owners that helps to re-educate pet shown aggression. This course focuses on the prevention of stray animals in Tyumen and saving the lives of dogs, told TASS the animal psychology dog training club “Union” Irina Zhukova.


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Earlier, the Chairman of the Commission of the Tyumen city Duma on economic policy and housing and communal services Yuri Baranchuk criticized the service for catching stray dogs. According to him, is responsible for animal control in tyumeni – municipal organization Lesparkkhoz. Baranchuk said that the number of attacks gradually decreases in Tyumen. In 2016, stray dogs bitten by 926 people in 2017 717 recorded similar cases .

“We have developed a course for owners whose dogs showed aggression. People come to us who want to euthanize a pet due to his aggression,” – said the Agency interlocutor. According to her, specialists are working with the owner of the dog, find out the reason for the aggression of a pet, and also work with animals. “We not only managed to save the animals from death, and keep them in the family,” said Irina Zhukova.

According to her, the problem of stray animals is relevant to Tyumen, despite the fact that local residents are considered to to have a pet. “Fashion of the 1990s years when everything had dogs, and then threw them on the street in Tyumen left. Since 2013, we do not operate with guard dogs, that is, people cease to keep such animals in high-rise buildings. Those who came to our club, have made a serious decision to get a dog and realize the full measure of responsibility,” – said Zhukov.

The intricacies of training

Zhukov noted that at the puppy kindergarten we take a dog’s age in months. To do with Pets come the whole family. But to train a puppy can only host, it is necessary to ensure that the animal understood who’s boss. The rest of the family watching from the side.

“The number one task – to build mutual understanding between the owner and the puppy. In addition, it is important that the dog liked to learn, so my little puppies nursed only for vkusnjashki, only praise, no compulsion, everything is done very carefully. If the puppy is interested, it to old age with pleasure at any moment off the sofa and going to teach something new, because he likes it,” – said Zhukov.

In one group engaged in five or six puppies to years of different breeds and weight categories. In the kindergarten group there is no division according to size and weight – all are engaged together. In the group of beginners learn German shepherd, two huskies, two Jack Russell Terrier and Spitz. According to Zhukova, it is important for the “socialization” of the dog.

Kindergarten for puppies up to a year working in Tyumen for more than 20 years. During this time, canine obedience trained not one generation of animals. Club Irina Zhukova has been working since 1991, and since 1995, oversees a kindergarten.

“I haven’t taken notes, I regret, I managed to count only breed recently celebrated 101st breed,” said Zhukov.

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