U.S. scientists have estimated the number of nuclear warheads of North Korea

North Korea’s missile Hwasong-15

American experts have suggested that the DPRK could collect 10 to 20 warheads, the radioactive material is enough to create about 60.

The USA scientists Hans Kristensen and Robert Norris announced that the number of nuclear warheads available to the DPRK can reach 20, and Pyongyang may still be material for the production of up to 60 new warheads. This is stated in the article of the journal Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

“Based on available information, we carefully assess the number of warheads, which North Korea could produce enough radioactive material to 30-60. She was able to collect 10 to 20 warheads. It is possible that North Korea has nuclear warheads for shorter-range missiles, such as Nodong,” − said in the article.

But researchers note that while there is evidence that the DPRK can successfully implement the re-entry to “present ready for action a nuclear warhead within a radius of Intercontinental ballistic missiles” .

Christensen heads the project on nuclear information at the Federation of American scientists in Washington, the Norris − senior researcher of the mentioned Federation.

Experts estimate the number of victims in case of nuclear attack, the DPRK

We will remind, in November 2017, the DPRK announced the successful test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of hitting targets throughout the United States.

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