Ukraine because of the blockade temporarily ceases to sell coal and can change energy strategy

At the meeting of the national security Council of Ukraine on Thursday, February 16, was made a few radical decisions in connection with a trade blockade of Donbass and the situation in the energy sector, including a plan to change the entire energy strategy of Ukraine.

In a statement released following the meeting of the NSDC document includes several orders to the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the operation of the power system of Ukraine with the aim of neutralizing the possible threats to its effective functioning, according to “Russian conversation”.

One of the key directives of the national security Council to the government is the termination of an indefinite term of shipments of coal of the anthracite is planned to export coal will now go to domestic needs, while the country supplied with coal from the uncontrolled part of the territory of Donbass .

In addition, the government approved arrangements for the establishment of reserves of coal for power plants and enterprises in order to survive overtook the energy system of the country “the crisis”.

“The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine promptly to take measures to diversify sources of coal supply in Ukraine and creating a reserve of thermal coal,” – said in the text of the document.

Also, the government can actually deal with serving on Donbass blockade and make a list of goods the import and export of which from now on will be banned.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that there is nothing illegal in the fact that Ukraine exports from the self-proclaimed DND and LNR “Ukrainian coal”, criticizing the ongoing blockade of Donbass.

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