Ukraine can restructure its domestic debt of 380 billion UAH

The NBU and Finance Ministry



Photo: ukrafoto.com

The national Bank confirmed that discussions with the Ministry of Finance of the restructuring of government bonds in its portfolio.

The national Bank of Ukraine is discussing with the Finance Ministry the issue of conversion of bonds of internal state loan (government bonds) in the portfolio of the NBU, as previously reported by several media outlets, citing government sources.

As communicates on the website of the NBU, the process for government bonds in the portfolio of the regulator, and their sum is around 383 billion.

As noted in the message, this process is aimed at reducing the burden on the state budget due to the change in the timing of repayment and servicing of government bonds in the portfolio of the NBU, and will also facilitate the conduct of prudent fiscal policy and effective inflation-targeting regime .

According to the NBU, government bonds in his possession shall be converted to a long-term hryvnia bonds of different maturity with the yield linked to the inflation rate. The repayment of the new obligations of the Ministry of Finance before the Bank will occur evenly over a long period of 30 years.

It is also reported that the dialogue on the structure of the portfolio and terms of new government bonds continues.

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