Ukraine in I half-year increased production of pipes by more than a quarter

Main pipe plants of Ukraine in January-June 2017 increased production of pipes from ferrous metals by 26% compared to the same period of 2016 to 500,2 thousand tons, including in June released to 93.8 thousand tons.

As have informed Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” in the Association “Ukrtruboprom”, including the enterprises of the Association for the six months increased production of pipes by 34.6% to 335.4 thousand tonnes, releasing in June to 64.4 thousand tons.

So, Khartsyzsk pipe plant (Donetsk oblast), located on the tubing string, in January-June 2017 produced 3.4 thousand tons of pipes (in March-June were idle), while for six months in 2016 and 2.8 thousand tons.

The production of pipes at “Interpipe-npov” for the reporting period increased 64.4% to 121,5 thousand tons (in June produced 25.9 thousand tons), “Interpipe nmpp” recorded a decrease of 10.6%, to 47,2 thousand tons (9.4 thousand tons). “Interpipe Niko tube” increased its production by 46 .2% to 139,2 thousand tons (25.8 million tons).

Dnipropetrovsk pipe plant (DTG) increased its pipe production by 12.3% to 11.4 million tons (1,3 million tons). Centravis has maintained production at the level of 8.8 thousand tons of stainless steel tubes (1.2 thousand tonnes).

Factory “Trubostal” increased production by 15.4% to 1.5 million tons (0.3 thousand tons), “Utest” increased to 84.6%, up 2.4 thousand tons of pipes (0.5 tons).

Not part of the Union “Ukrtruboprom” Mariupol metallurgical complex (MMK) im. Ilyich increased its pipe production by 65.6% to 72.7 thousand tons of pipes (in June – 13.3 thousand tons), but reduced “Kominmet” – by 11.4%, to 92.1 thousand tonnes (16.1 kt).

Luhansk pipe plant (LTPS), created on the basis of the Luhansk pipe factory, according to unofficial data, in January-June remained idle.

LLC “AG Steel” (previously a joint venture of the “Second” LTD, Mariupol, Donetsk region) in January-June stood.

As reported, the main pipe plants of Ukraine, in 2016, reduced the production of pipes from ferrous metals by 0.5% compared to 2015 year – on-year to 848 thousand tons, including the company “Ukrtruboprom” cut production by 10% to 552,3 thousand tons.

While HTZ in 2016, has made 19,2 thousand tons of pipes, while in 2015 – 67 thousand tons. “Interpipe-npov” reduced production by 4.2% – up to 159 thousand tons, “Interpipe nmpp” recorded growth of 5% to 105 thousand tons. “Interpipe Niko tube” reduced its production by 8.9% to 222,5 thousand tons.

LED in 2016 to increase production of pipes in 2,1 times – up to 23.5 thousand tons, Centravis has reduced production 11% to 17 thousand tons of stainless steel tubes. Factory “Trubostal” last year, has reduced production by 10% – up to 2.7 tons, “Utest” up to 3.4 thousand tonnes from 2.7 thousand tons.

Not included in the Association “Ukrtruboprom” MMK im. Ilyich in 2016, increased its pipe production by 42.6% to 88.4 thousand tons of pipes, “Kominmet” – by 17.3%, to 207,1 thousand tons.

LLPS and LLC “AG Steel” in 2016 idled.

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