Ukraine in the “Index of economic freedom-2017” dropped to 166th place

Ukraine in a rating “the Index of economic freedom (Index of Economic Freedom), 2017” has increased its rate from 46.8 to 48.1 points out of a possible 100, but overall has dropped from 162 to 166 place out of 180 countries-participants (last year – 178), according to an annual study by the American The Heritage Foundation.

According to them, Ukraine is ahead of Liberia, Chad, Afghanistan, Sudan and Angola (with indicators from 49,1 to 48.5 points), followed by Suriname, Bolivia, Guinea, and Turkmenistan (with indicators from 48 to 47.4 points), and all together, these countries are caught in a group of depressed economies with an index below 50.

The compilers of the index indicates that Ukraine’s economy is heavily compressed and remains very fragile, and losses in production and exports along with a significant outflow of capital increased the pressure on the currency and reserves, significantly undermining monetary stability .

“The rule of law remains fragile and is further undermined by judicial inefficiency. A strong commitment to structural reforms to reduce corruption and to further open the economy to Western investment and financial institutions will be critical to help stabilize the economy. The government launched a comprehensive set of reforms to restore growth, but the progress is not yet evident”, – the document says.

According to him, the index of financial freedom is estimated at 30 points, integrity of power (government integrity) is 29.2, investment freedom – 25, and judicial efficiency – 22.6 points.

Best of all, according to the compilers of the index, things in Ukraine are shopping freedom – 85.9 points and the tax burden – 78,6.

The neighbors from the former Soviet Union Belarus – 104 place (58.6 points), Moldova – 110 place (58 points), Russia – 114 (57,1 point). Indicators Western neighbors is significantly better: Romania – 39th place (69.7 points), Poland – 45 (68.3 points), Hungary – 56th place (65.8 points), Slovakia – 57 place (65.7 points).

The top five index and a group of free economies with rates from 89.8 to 81 points formed this year in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia.

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