Ukraine plans to charge Russian owners Lisichansk refinery almost 1 billion UAH to regress

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine intends in court to collect from the Russian owners of the Lisichansk oil refinery (refinery) to almost 1 billion UAH as a recourse for lost in the European court of human rights (ECHR) claim of the company “Agrocomplex”, said the Minister Pavel Petrenko in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“In the next week in the Ukrainian court will be a big claim of Ukraine to a company with owners from Russia for the recovery in the recourse order of almost 1 billion UAH”, – he said.

P. Petrenko reminded that we are talking about the events of mid 90-ies – beginning of 2000-ies, when through the court system and the influence of Executive authorities was selected a large array of objects, including an oil refinery, then the victim sued the company for more than 10 years to the ECtHR and won a dispute in Ukraine .

“The year we were preparing the evidence base, and are recourse to the company, which now owns part of those objects which had been expropriated. It turned out that this company is controlled by the Russians,” said P. Petrenko.

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The Minister did not specify what exactly the company will be sued, although released 20 Nov interview to the edition “Business capital”, the Minister called the party “Rosneft”.

“If the new owners got the property, which the ECHR decision was illegally withdrawn from the ownership of the Complainant company, and our government paid “AGROKOMPLEX” compensation, “Rosneft” must now reimburse Ukraine the money,” – said the head of the Ministry of justice.

As reported, in late 2016, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine agreed on the company Glusco Energy SA (Switzerland) acquisition of more than 50% of the shares Rosneft Management Company Ltd and Fargrade Ltd (both – Cyprus), which have been issued PRJSC “LINIK” (Lisichansk, Lugansk region) and a network of filling stations of “Rosneft” (Russia) in Ukraine.

According to the information disclosure system of the national Commission on securities and stock market (NKTSBFR), at the end of the third quarter of this year the owner “LINIK” still remained Rosneft Management Company Limited.

The ECHR acknowledged in 2011, the company “Agrocomplex” of the victim in a lawsuit for overdue debts against Lisichansk refinery, and two years later decided to pay “AGROKOMPLEX” EUR27 million of fair compensation, which were listed in the court designated two-year term.

In a written decision, the ECHR noted that the “agricultural complex” held by Russian companies barter exchange transactions Ukrainian food raw materials on Russian crude oil for further sale of finished oil products. The case concerned the bankruptcy period 1996-2004, initiated by the applicant against the biggest oil refinery in Ukraine in an attempt to recover overdue debts.

Full interview with Minister of justice P. Petrenko, visit the website of the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” www.interfax.kiev.ua

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