Ukraine showed how will look like the analogue of the tank “Armata” armed Ukrainian army

Ukrainian designers from the domestic defense industry are going on the basis of two Soviet tanks – T-64 and T-72 to create a machine that may be analogous to pride of the Russian land forces tank “Armata”

On the website of the Ukrainian “National industrial portal,” on Friday, January 13, was issued a patent for a new tank and his first drawings, and she is a fighting machine called “the way”, reports “Russian conversation”.

Representatives of the Ukrainian defense industry in the design of a new tank I decided not to reinvent the wheel, altering and improving the existing armed Soviet tanks T-64 and T-72, however, claim that “the t Rex” is not nearly as good Russian tank “Armata”.

From the design of the tank “Armata”, the developers borrowed the function of resistance to the cumulative ammunition, equipment cabin crew by an armored capsule and a desert tower . Artillery gun on a tank will have a caliber of 125 mm with remote control function. In addition, the new combat vehicle will be installed complexes of dynamic protection “Knife” and “Duplet”.

It was expected that Ukraine will show the first sample of the tank “t Rex” closer to the end of 2016, however, patented it was only in January, and developers have not yet announce the next release dates of the first car.

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