Ukrainian radicals teased poles Bandera’s portrait on the fence of the Embassy in Kiev

Ukrainian nationalists from the organization “Black square” in response to anti-Ukrainian statements of the Polish authorities, followed in January, staged a provocation at the Embassy of Poland in Kiev, hung out on the fence of the diplomatic mission, the portrait is now the main stimulus for Warsaw Stepan Bandera.

The radicals accused Warsaw in an attempt to interfere in the internal Affairs of the Ukrainian state, expressing its discontent with the presence in society the “cult of Bandera” and the forthcoming celebrations in connection with the anniversary of the Ukrainian insurgent army, according to “Russian conversation” .

Representatives of the organization said that it would be to protect Ukrainian heritage and will not allow Poland to rewrite the history of Ukraine in its own way, where there will be the glorification of the “cult of Bandera”, adding that this attitude of Kiev to the Polish authorities should bring not social activists, and the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

In protest against the statements of the Polish authorities, the radicals hung on the fence of the diplomatic mission of the portrait of Stepan Bandera with the title, “Our country – our heroes”.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, relations between Ukraine and Poland made a crack in the summer, when the Polish diet recognized the Volyn massacre, perpetrated by the representatives of the UPA, genocide. Later Warsaw expressed his dissatisfaction at the planned Ukraine celebrations concerning the anniversary of the UPA, and it was expressed in the form of an ultimatum.

Retaliation followed from Kiev – December entry into the country was banned for the mayor of the Polish town of Przemysl, where the authorities of the Ukrainian community are often attacked by radicals.

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