“Uncle Vanya” said the third hundred of the ocean

Thursday night theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov started reading the third hundred of his famous play “Uncle Vanya.” It happened in new York at the festival “Cherry orchard”, the theatre program which takes place in the theater “new York city” on 55 th street. The details — the observer “MK”.

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In new York, flattered at his own expense a thankless task: there a hell of a competition and all. Russian repertory theatre is no exception. This is Broadway with his new production, especially with the fact that grabbed the Top, Drama desk and other awards. For example, hit “Natasha, Pierre and the Great comet of 1812,” made by “War and peace”, where the artists play and sing about Russian life almost at the feet of the audience. Or in Central Park in the Delacorte theatre gives a modern version of “Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare, where Caesar cynically presented in the form of President trump, and for this reason already, the scandal erupted . And immersive show Sleep no more c a three-hour game in a five-storey building? And how many more.

Read the story: In Manhattan, the festival of the arts, the theatre will show the famous “Uncle Vanya”

Sergei Makovetsky, the permanent executor of a role of uncle Vani, arrived in new York two days before his comrades below, he says, is not to celebrate birthday on the plane.

— Friends made a gift and sent me to the musical “Big comet”. Interesting genre, the artists work well, however, to Tolstoy is irrelevant. But they do not claim. When at the end the audience clapped, I thought, “If you like it — and I see that you like it, then what will happen to you “Uncle Vanya”? You’ll go crazy with delight. This self-confidence?

Not at all: I am a witness, as on the bow 201, the first play by Chekhov, the great hall “new York city” (2000 seats) literally jumped up, shouting “Bravo!!!”. As our compatriots then motioned to the throat: here’s how to get your “Uncle Vanya” and doesn’t let go. How then starred with Maksakova, Simonov, Makovetskaya, Arthur Ivanov (he plays Astrov), Dubrovskaya, by Pichevin and Masha Berdinskikh, so touchingly played ugly Sonia. “Uncle Vanya”, staged eight years ago, Rimas Tuminas, inexplicably knows how to open the heart and speak not of the XIX century, and about the present with her a persistent feeling of “missing life.”

Photo: vakhtangov.ru

The Americans who came to the festival, I wonder how Chekhov play is Russian.

— I tried his American colleague to explain what it means “lost life” — remember Makovetsky. And he wondered: “Why is my life? After all, he had some business?” And I can’t explain to him what “lost life” and “evening”.

Explained talented talented game play. And at this time in Central Park on the open area of the Delacorte theater play a modern version of “Julius Caesar”. Where the main character — one person with Donald trump. Moreover, his wife Calpurnia speaks with a strong Slavic accent. The conspirators are beaten first, and then to be sure to kill Caesar–trump in the scenery, clearly reminiscent of the hall of the Senate of the United States. Statement, as noticed by local critics, has a special cynicism towards the current President of the country and has sparked protests. In any case, from financial support for the show has already refused three big companies, including Bank of America. The trump tied a theatrical production with the shooting of Republicans, what happened on the Playground in Alexandria on Wednesday. Wrote in his Twitter account, saying that it is such a performance prompted a 66 year-old shooter from Illinois to the monstrous act. Nevertheless, the administration of the Public theater, despite protests and criticism, will continue to give “Julius Caesar”.

New York.

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