Under Water 2 killed, 7 wounded Ukrainian military

As a result of the shelling by illegal armed formation positions of the antiterrorist operation. the Water under Volnovakha district of Donetsk region on Monday killed two Ukrainian soldiers, seven were wounded, the press center of staff ATO.

“According to updated information in fighting in the direction of Mariupol killed 2 soldiers, 7 injured”, – is spoken in the message published on the page of the press center on the social network Facebook.

According to the headquarters, the militants were shelling the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area. the Water of the volnovakhsky region of Donetsk region from jet systems of volley fire “Grad” and heavy artillery, subject to withdrawal in accordance with the Minsk agreements. “The enemy has released 40 rounds of 152mm caliber, 40 caliber shells and 122mm min 55 caliber 120 mm. in addition, during the bombardment the enemy used multiple rocket launcher systems MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, by 65 shots,” – said in the message.

Later on Monday informed the press-center of staff ATO in the area of the settlement Water battle occurred, the Armed forces of Ukraine with a subversive and intelligence group (DRG) of the enemy.

“At 9:30 near the settlement Water two enemy groups up to 40 people came close to our positions. During the clashes, received a fitting rebuff, sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy retreated. At the same time, the armed forces of Ukraine moved forward. After the enemy used heavy weapons – MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, artillery 152-mm and 122 mm, the unit retreated to their positions,” the report says.

Earlier on Monday, the press center of the ATO reported 1 dead and 8 wounded as a result of attack by fighters of positions of anti-terrorist operation forces under the Water, noting that this is preliminary data.

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