Unsweetened sleep

To day wasn’t enough for a sweet night you need to sleep more.

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Researchers from king’s College London argue that if a person sleeps for a long time, he eats less sweets. The experiment involved a few dozen people; some of them were instructed on how they can extend their sleep (the instructions were pretty simple: don’t drink coffee at night, not going to bed with a full stomach, but not to go to bed hungry, etc.). They were then sent home with special devices with which help it was possible to monitor how much a man sleeps and how he sleeps.

It is known that an adult should sleep about 7-9 hours, but not everyone is able to withstand this rule. That experiment participants slept less . However, those who are asked to perform during the week of the “sleep” instruction was actually starting to sleep more than one – half of their sleep time increased by an average of 52-90 minutes, and three managed to reach the required 7-9 hours a day.

But the most important thing here is how a change in their diet. It turned out that those who began to sleep more, eat less sweets: they put less sugar in tea and coffee, they are not as attracted to sweet pastries, etc., on average, write the authors in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, long sleep reduce sugar intake to 10 grams a day. However, people participated in the study are not very many, and the results obtained will have to check. However, if all is well, and sleep really helps to forget about the dessert, the recommendations for those who want to lose weight, you can start with Council a little longer to sleep.

This is not the first time the lack of sleep is associated with unhealthy diets. The same researchers two years ago was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition article, which stated that lack of sleep actually encourages more to eat, and the staff of the University of Chicago in the journal SLEEP claimed one of the reasons for this lies in endocannabinoid, which gets bigger when you sleep and that cause us to lean on tasty but unhealthy food.

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