Updated the Alexandrov ensemble, breaking records for the media attention

…Under two hundred accredited media, of which fifty cameras, the entire Parking lot in front of the Theater army full of cars with plates, five rows in the hall — only one press, the Alexandrov ensemble, and after a terrible accident leaves the top of the news: on Thursday evening people introduced updated (mostly for the chorus and soloists) composition. The veterans and the rookies gave relatively small (on the penny) Alexander’s concert of popular hits — from “Along the Piterskaya” to “Kalinka”.

There are representatives of all the armed forces, veterans, guests, artists, officials said. The beginning, according to tradition, the nose-to-nose, without delay, at 18.00, and the curtain of the biggest theater scenes in Europe slowly swings open, the starry sky is realistic, krupnomery decoration of the Theater army as the main army of the temple of the arts . And from edge to edge of the portal there are rows of aleksandrovets — tight chorus full palette of lifelong musicianship — from the cello to the balalaika, conductor, and, of course, a ballet troupe (in separate rooms). The Deputy Minister of defence General Nikolay Pankov addresses with a greeting:

Is our duty to preserve this unique ensemble, so life goes on!

It will be recalled that defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has made a decision about rebuilding the team in the shortest possible time. From novice artists, as well as masters of the stage, there were over 2000 applications: the competition Commission took in the ensemble of the world’s most elite performers. Among them baritone Maxim Maklakov (the winner of the First international festival. Mussorgsky in Yekaterinburg), and tenor Alexander Kruse (soloist of the Lipetsk regional Philharmonic society), in General, whatever the person’s name.

…After a string of bright room lights, clean up the stage regally out people’s artist Alina Pokrovskaya, nothing extra — just Tsvetayeva’s line, somewhere bright, somewhere cold, it’s her famous dedication “to the Generals of the twelfth year”:

You won and loved

Love and swords spearhead —

And fun passed…

Into oblivion.

The word “oblivion” was said after a pause on such a sensitive the rise that the audience first gasped like a roller coaster, and then noisily applauded when in a strange cocktail of bitterness mixed in my head with delight.

And the ensemble “called to fight” more and more soloists — Alex Jumps and novel Molotov were branded “Alexander song”, a powerful Valery Gavva, chelyabinski stubbornly legs apart, playing with intonations in “Along the Piterskaya”, but the loudest applause and most of the bouquets from the young fans received people’s artist of Russia Vadim Ananev, not only for the “Kalinka” (with aleksandrovets — the world’s most famous Russian folk hits), as for the “Enchanted remoteness” — it felt the audience jumped to its unusual timbres, and sat in a strange daze, when the melody ended.

The final ensemble greeted the standing — revival was held: Yes, in fact, different and could not be. Almost the entire show behind the Board led the aleksandrovets — officially introduced himself as the interim artistic Director — conductor Gennady Scenic (and before they were in leadership positions), is dedicated person who understands the essence of the ensemble, able to see the future. As they say, God forbid.

On February 23, the ensemble will perform in the Kremlin Palace, the 24th — on the opening ceremony of the III International winter military games. Tour schedule becoming denser and denser by the day…

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“The new composition of the Alexandrov ensemble gave the first concert”


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