US Ambassador to the EU, has suddenly revealed the true attitude of the tramp against the European Union

According to the Telegraph, Anthony Gardner is convinced that us President-elect does not want the continued existence of the EU.

The American diplomat, who will resign after the inception of the new head of state, commented on the contacts to representatives of trump with the European officials. According to him, senior members of the team’s billionaire Republican asked which of the member countries of the EU following Brexit, I repeat, reports “Russian conversation”.

“In fact, the question was asked: “Which country will be next?”. It is, in General, suggests that the region will fall apart,” said Gardner.

According to the diplomat, this is an indication that the tramp wants to split the EU in the light of held a UK referendum. The Ambassador added that attempts to explain this attitude trump to the European Union the protection of the interests of the United States “are absolute nonsense .”

Recall, Barack Obama in the broadcast American TV channel called Donald trump an unusual candidate and stressed that it should not be underestimated.

The current American President invited his successor to have a drink with him and Michelle Obama some tea before the inauguration ceremony. Then Barack Obama will speak to America on a farewell speech.

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