US Ambassador to the EU: trump supports the disintegration of the EU because of Brexit

LONDON, January 14. /Offset. TASS Igor Brovarnik/. The US President-elect Donald trump supports the breakup of the EU, which may occur after the withdrawal of the UK. About this informed the newspaper the Daily Telegraph, citing the us Ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner, who will soon resign.

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“To think that supporting the division of Europe, we will be able to act in their interests, it would be absolute nonsense,” he said. “To be ardent supporters of Brexit for us is the height of stupidity,” – said the diplomat.

According to Gardner, the team members elected President asked European officials, which country will follow the UK. “Basically, I asked only one question: “What is the next country will be (from EU)?” he said .

Trump did not hide its support for Brexit and repeatedly admired the former leader of the Party United Kingdom independence (UKIP) Nigel Farage, whose campaign led to the victory of British eurosceptics on referendum in June last year. During the election campaign trump Farage several times flew to the US to share the experience, as it turned out, with the future President of the United States. “In many ways, the statement by Donald trump, with whom he reached out to me during my first meeting with him, that Brexit was a clever thing, it looks correct. Maybe we just ran away from a home that caught fire,” later said the ex-leader of UKIP.

At a meeting in the UK on 23 June referendum on whether to continue the country’s membership in the EU, defeated the opponents of European integration. 51,9% of Britons voted for the Kingdom’s exit from the community, it was opposed by 48.1 percent. Theresa may became the Prime Minister after the resignation of David Cameron, promised to fulfill the will of the people and start a two-year process of membership termination until the end of March this year.

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